Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are you too POSSESSIVE?

This article memang menarik perhatian me, i read from CLEO magazine February 09' edition (this my favourite magazine...)..ni i nak kongsi with you...

Pick the line that best describes your attitude to making and mixing friends and then see what it reveals about you...(jadi kena pilih satu dulu then u all bole tengok where you stand ya...)

1). "none of my friends know each other. I'm not a group person-I like to see people on their own."

2)."I've met most of the people i see now in the last 5 years. I'm really bad at keeping in touch, but i make new friends easily."

3)."I love to have all my friends around me. We're a big group. I don't tend to make new friends outside of the gang."

4)."I have plenty of friends, but I like meeting my friend's friends. other people's friends always seem so much more glamorous than mine."

5)."I don't introduce my friends to each other because I'm sure they won't like each other. I've had too many disastrous dinner parties."

kalau dah pilih...hah tgk lah sama ada you are possessive or not..hihi..lets check it out..

1)you're a jealous neurotic who cannot bear to think that your friends have their own lives. You can't stand it if friends of yours do get to know each other.

2)you will be anyone's new best friend-for about a week. once you've won them over, you are no longer interested and move on to your next conquest.

3)you cant lookanyone in the eye because you cant cope with anything too intense. you are lounge music personified-No wonder all your CDs sound the same.

4)you like friends with private club memberships and wardrobes full of designer clothes, who make you look good-you shallow person..

5)you've been stung a few times and now you won't take any chances. you stick to a few friends only. that's why your life is in danger of becoming dull..

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